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Dear Friends,

For some time now, I have been uneasy about the lack of coverage that startups and entrepreneurs get from print and online media organizations. It seems to me that only the tech startups going IPO get all the attention. This only leaves room for the "Sorry to See You Go" type of media coverage that small businesses get when they close shop.

The reason for this is that local and national publications with large distribution channels receive the majority of their revenues from advertising sales. The greater their content appeals to the general masses and drive traffic to their sites, the more they can charge for ad space. 



That is why, after thinking about this problem for months, I decided to start the #ImAnEntrepreneurToo campaign to raise funds to build an organization that focuses on advocating on behalf of startups and entrepreneurs through digital media coverage, training, and coaching.

The Vision

My vision is to be the leading digital media advocacy publication for startups and entrepreneurs and with your help, we can accomplish this.

But in order for this project to be successful, and eventually self-sustaining, it would depend on the support of friends, family, and the local business community. 

Business Model

I have selected a membership-based model to keep the organization moving once the project is fully funded. Now you might say, other organizations have membership-based subscriptions for their publication. What makes yours different? 

Great questions! I am gladded you asked.

Our membership-based model does not only rely on the support of our readers but membership support from startups and entrepreneurs whom we advocate for. Very similar to a local chamber of commerce, but digital. 


By joining The Entrepreneurist, members would gain access to our digital media platforms, training & coaching programs, and be part of our startup mastermind group. 

As members, they will go through our membership onboarding orientation process, one-on-one digital media business coaching, and regular members-only conference call training. 


After each interview, our team will develop their digital media package for our members and will be distributed on our digital platforms, which includes our website, newsletter, and social media channels. 


By combining the best of digital media strategies with a business membership model, we will form a new business membership as a service model. We anticipate that it will be highly successful and beneficial for all our members. 


But to get the #ImAnEntrepreneurToo marketing campaign moving, I would need enough capital to maintain the project going for a year. Funds raised during this campaign will go towards the publication, marketing for the publication, and to establish The Entrepreneurist.

Your Support

That is why I am asking for your help to get this project off to the right start with a contribution at the Associate Level of $10, $25, $50 or at the Entrepreneurship Level of $75, $150 $300 or more.

Thank you for considering this project and your generous financial contribution.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at



To support The Entrepreneurist Project and the #ImAnEntrepreneurToo campaign, click on the link below.

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P.S. Do you or someone you know has a business success story to share? I am looking for business owners to interview. 

To schedule a meeting to share your story for publication, click on the calendar below.

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