Why Traditional Media Has Failed Small Business Owners

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Letter from the Editor:

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Why creating a business group within a media agency is the right thing to do.

For some time now, I have been uneasy about the lack of coverage that small and minority-owned businesses get from print and online media organizations. It seems to me that only the hot tech startups going IPO get all the attention. This only leaves room for the "Sorry to See You Go" type of media coverage that small and minority-owned businesses get when they close shop.

That is why, after thinking about this problem for months, I decided to start the #ImAnEntrepreneurToo campaign to raise funds to build an organization that focuses on advocating on behalf of small and minority-owned businesses through digital media coverage and publication.

My vision is to be the leading digital media advocacy publication for small and minority-owned businesses and with your help, we can accomplish this.

But in order for this project to be successful, and eventually self-sustaining, it would depend on the support of friends, family, and the local business community.

For more information about joining our campaign, click on the link below.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at to schedule a conference call. ​ Respectfully, Juan

P.S. Do you or someone you know has a business success story to share? I am looking for business owners to interview.

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