MStreetPR Launches New Facebook Page: Affiliate Quarterly

Washington, D.C. — MStreetPR Group recently launched a new affiliate Facebook page called Affiliate Quarterly as part of MStreetPR Group business model strategy.

The focus of the new affiliate marketing page is to support MStreetPR's mission to be the voice of local business leaders. Your support of the new influencer page is crucial as we are working on launching an Amazon Influencer page.

About MStreetPR Group

MStreetPR Group is a boutique social public relations firm and the voice of local business leaders. We believe that local businesses and organizations are the lifeblood of the community. And through our business news blog and Social Public Relations services, our clients can promote and advocate their product, service or cause to the public. MStreetPR Group is a J.C.Torrico Company. 

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