Let’s celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit on the Day of the Dead

Letter from the Editor:

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Let’s celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit on the Day of the Dead

Today is the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) and throughout Mexico and in certain cities in the United States people celebrate this day, not as a day of sadness for loved ones who are long gone, but instead, they celebrate the wonderful memories they once shared.

Likewise, seasoned entrepreneurs who might have closed shop at one point in their careers know the feeling of loss that hangs over them. But we should not look at it in sadness, though it might have caused pain. But to celebrate the joy it once brought.  The purpose of this newsletter is not to bring to the forefront that every day small businesses in this country closes its doors forever, but rather see this as an opportunity to share the stories and the entrepreneurial spirit that drove each small business owner. Let’s celebrate the fact that at this time in our history, we can still dream of owning our own business. And that the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive in the hearts and minds of future entrepreneurs. There are so many stories out there of everyday people daring to dream big and take the risk to start a business. And I want to tell those stories for them as many business owners might be reluctant to share them.  If you or someone you know has a business story you want to share, I’m interested in interviewing you or them for our site. To learn more about the #ImAnEntrepreneuraToo campaign, click on the link below. Juan Torrico

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