How to Navigate the World of Influencers?

Not ever influencers is a celebrity, nor do you have to pay a large sum for them to post on your behalf. Working with the right micro-influencers on a local level could be beneficial to local and regional businesses.

Below are 4 quick influencer marketing tips to get started:

  1. Find and engage with micro-influencers within your market by searching for influencers who are already fans.

  2. If you are working with multiple influencers, it's a good idea to provide a designated platform or page on your site to collect all the content for each influencer.

  3. Be creative with your content and make sure to share images and or videos with influencers.

  4. Remember not to depend solely on the influencers campaign alone. Make sure you are running your marketing campaign alongside theirs.

For details and insight, click on the article below "4 Expert Influencer Marketing Tips That Will Transform Your Campaigns" written by Paul Bingham, COO Shuttlerock.

*This article was published on Jeff Bulles' Blog.

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